Meizu Line-up To Be Available In U.S. Starting 2014, After CES

Meizu is a Chinese electronics manufacturer from Zhuhai that you have probably heard about many times up to now. They have originally started with music players (does M6 Mini Player rings any bells to you?) back in 2003 and only later we have seen phones such as M8 MiniOn in 2009, the M9 Android based smartphone two years after, followed by MX and MX2 in 2012, or MX3 this year. This is actually Meizu’s first smartphone which was also launched outside of homeland China and although we are talking only abut Hong Kong, we can call it a success. People seems to love this interesting smartphone which runs a modified Android operating known as FlyMe OS and packs a Mali-400 MP GPU along with a decent Mali-400 MP. So, there is no surprise that Meizu has just announced that is targeting U.S. next year.

But you shouldn’t be expecting to see any of these devices that we have just told you about as long as the Chinese manufacturer will make its big entrance with a new line of smartphones at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) next month.

Meizu Line-up To Be Available In US

Meizu Line-up To Be Available In US

Our source informed us that one of these upcoming handsets might be Meizu MX4G that we have just heard about as packing a 5.5-inch display with a higher than 1080p resolution. Although other details are not yet available at this moment, we must remain honest and admit this piece of info is enough for making our imagination to run wild and assuming that the other smartphones will also be classified as having high-end features.

So yes, Meizu has big plans for next year and expanding to United States might look like a natural step.  And we cannot deny that they seem more than able to bring together functionality and performance in a smartphone, but can they be sure about buyer’s reaction? With so many other popular smartphones around, we aren’t, but it’s not up to us to decide such a thing. It’s up to you readers if you’ll let Meizu to earn your trust!