Keep Distractions Out via Zen Mode APK on OnePlus 5 Device

The OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro come with the latest OxygenOS 9.5 version. Even if it is still based on Android Pie, it brings new features not available to older OnePlus phones. Two of those awesome new features are Screen Recorder and Zen Mode. An APK of the 7 Pro’s Screen Recorder was already uploaded to APK Mirror and it works great on the 6T and older devices too.

OnePlus said that these features will eventually land on other phones, but users must wait for the open beta program. As you can see, some enterprising XDA users, however, have already started their work. They have not only extracted the Screen Recorder app, but also the Zen Mode one and turned it into an APK you can install on your OnePlus 5 device.

Should you do it?

The Zen Mode feature from the OnePlus 7 Pro lets you irrevocably lock your phone for no less than 20 minutes, keeping you away from distractions, while screen recorder lets you record the screen. This could be a way to manage your smartphone addiction and take a break.

Don’t try to fool it, you won’t succeed. I also tried to restart my phone, but it was pointless. It didn’t work. At best, you can see the status bar by pulling it down from the top but that’s it. Zen Mode really does what it claims and it is awesome.

Note though that an APK is an Android app file you download through the internet, as opposed to the Play Store. Then, you can install onto your phone like any other app. Many apps use this method of installation for various reasons, but you should make sure to check an APK is secure and safe before downloading it.

You might have to enable the option to Install Unknown Apps from your browser. And even so, the APK will most likely not work if you are running a custom ROM on your device. Don’t say that I have not warned you!

Being unofficial, there’s no assurance the APK will work perfectly, but like is all about trying, right? So, I think that you should do it.

Download the Zen Mode APK: OnePlus 7 Pro Zenmode.apk

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