BBM for Android Feature Will Add Free Voice Calling in 2014

BlackBerry has recently announced that its famous BBM feature for Android will be released in 2014. The BBM feature will add free voice calling to any BBM contact worldwide with any other distance fee. This new option will place BBM on the same place as other famous messaging solutions available on the market such as Skype, WhatsApp voice messaging, Google calling in Hangout and more.

In the same time, the updated feature will also include the addition of Channels, a BBM chat room feature to the Android app. Channels are meant to target people’s specific interest and put them in contact with others with similar interests. For instance, users can easily create a chatroom regarding a specific topic such as TV series or cats. There, people all over the world might gather to discuss their favorite actors or TV shows. Moreover, users who will choose to update the BBM app will gain access to lastly, photos, voice notes, location sharing, and a brand new set of emoticons will be added to the app.

BBM feature updated in 2014

BBM feature updated in 2014

Also coming to the Android app will be the already-mentioned Voice support, which will allow BBM users to call each other for free anywhere in the world. According to BlackBerry’s blog post, they are “beta testing these new features now for release on Android, iPhone and BlackBerry 10 in the next couple of months”. Apparently, the company is focusing on the cross-platform messaging as being a crucial asset to the company’s portfolio.

The last quarter of the year represented an important period for BlackBerry because the company has blossomed a lot, especially as far as the messaging feature is concerned. The service has grown notably and now, the company is planning to expand BBM for Android as well for their users.

The company has launched the BBM channels feature last month as a way to encourage multiple conversations with random strangers. With Channels, everybody will be able to join a particular conversation, even if he or she is not in your contact list.

What is curious yet attractive is the fact that this amazing BBM feature will come as pre-installed on some select Android devices, starting with the LG G Pro Lite. With this been said, it appears that BlackBerry has a nice future ahead, especially if the BBM service gathers even more followers. The only bad part is that it is not clear exactly when in 2014 these goodies will be unveiled.

Source: AndroidCommunity