Android based Nokia “Normandy” Leaked

When Microsoft has first announced its intention to buy Nokia’s mobile handset division we were all confused and the story seemed even more difficult to process taking in consideration that the rumors of Nokia making Android smartphones were spread around the same time. Although it has been quite a long time since then and unfortunately Nokia still hasn’t revealed its plans for its supposedly Android based Nokia “Normandy” phone, some new leaked images are finally here to save the situation and confirm at least the existence of such a handset, if not its technical details, as we have all wanted.

To be more specific, this leaked image comes from a Chinese Twitter user, named @seamissu claiming that it presents none other than the mysterious Nokia Normandy phone.

Nokia Normandy

Nokia Normandy

We tend to believe that they aren’t at all fake, but even this Chinese Twitter user doesn’t hide the fact that we are talking about a simple ‘engineering prototype’, so there are big chances for the final product to be different. From what we know so far, the notification bar at the top of the device mimics Android, confirming all the previous rumors of a Nokia smartphone that could run on the popular OS. And those two mobile signal icons at the top indicate the fact that Nokia Normandy might also be a dual SIM support device, not to mention the images have also revealed an on-going call screen that looks almost similar to the messaging app Viber and a login screen for Microsoft’s Skype.

We are also curious to see if this prototype will suffer major changes, but we must have some patience in order to be sure of that. And don’t forget that this alleged Nokia Normandy smartphone is supposed to target the low-cost market segment, but only an official statement from the company could confirm all these aspects.

Nokia Normandy2Nokia Normandy3Nokia Normandy4