HP Slate 6 Spotted In A Poor Quality Picture

A few weeks ago we were informed about the fact that HP intends to release both a 6″ and a 7″ Android handset in markets like China or India. The 6-inches version known as HP Slate 6 has already appeared in the graphics benchmark databases; and besides that, it has also been spotted in a picture, supposedly from a presentation at the HP Labs. We won’t deny that it is indeed a very tiny and blurry picture, but it definitely confirms its existence and also shows us the back of this device having the popular HP logo on it.

Now that we have an idea about how HP Slate 6 might look like, let’s take a closer look to its supposedly technical specs:

HP Slate 6 Has Been Spotted in a Picture

HP Slate 6 Has Been Spotted in a Picture

To be more specific, from what we know so far, our HP model here will sport a decent 1 GHz quad-core Marvell processor, along with a 6-inch display having a maximum resolution of 1280×720 screen pixels. And its dual SIM network support is more than welcomed too, being the ideal way to easily separate your business and personal life.

As we have told you from the start, it is more than likely to see this handset in markets like China and India, though we’d like to see it released in other countries as well. As for its price, we already know that HP Slate 6 will become available for no more than $200 without a contract included, while the larger 7-inch display version will be indeed a little more expensive at $250 price tag, as our source confirms.

Now, it’s only up to you to decide if such a device is worth or not of your trust; we all know that the most recent HP Android tablets line is far from success, but maybe the story won’t repeat for this HP Slate 6 too.