CM11 Available for Galaxy Note 3 (T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon and LTE Versions)

If you have no more patience for your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to get Android 4.4, there’s an entire team that has worked for you and all others that are standing in the same position. We are about the CyanogenMod team that is once again ready to help us by releasing the first nightly builds of CM 11 for all T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon and LTE (N90005) versions of this handset. As for the other American carriers, they are going to receive the CyanogenMod 11 nightly builds as well, but a month behind if not even longer. At least we know for sure that they are also included in the list and a month is not the end of the world, even for the most passionate CM fans.

Anyway, do you know what switching to CyanogenMod is supposed to bring you? First of all, it means forgetting all about Samsung’s stylus-oriented apps and UI touches in favor of a completely new experience. Are you ready to do that?

CM11 Available for Galaxy Note 3

CM11 Available for Galaxy Note 3

And our source suggests, CyanogenMod can also be the ideal choice if KitKat with TouchWiz on top is not one of your options in the first place. But, as it always happens when we are talking about any new unofficial software for your device, we just want to remind you that we are here only for the purpose of informing you and this news shouldn’t be taken as a suggestion to actually install this ROM on your Galaxy Note 3.

That’s only your decision to make and don’t forget that you are the only one responsible for whatever could happens during this procedure. In fact, we strongly advise you to start the installation process only if you are completely sure what you are doing, or you could end up with a damaged or even bricked Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and we are sure that this isn’t what you are planning.