Learn to Maintain Auto-rotate Off on Pixel 3 Device

Auto-rotate could be a handy feature, but sometimes it is way too sensitive for us to ever have the chance to like it. Don’t you agree? It would change orientation at just the slightest tilt and this is truly annoying. In other cases, users have no other chance but to restart their Google Pixel phone to get it to work properly. Even if they exaggerate the movement, it doesn’t work, not even for the camera, so the Auto-rotate feature itself becomes more than questionable.

I’m sure that plenty of users out there are experiencing this, so some of you who own Google latest handset may like the idea of learning how to maintain Auto-rotate off on their Pixel 3 device. After all, the auto-rotation doesn’t work very well, sometimes it lags and even if it doesn’t, then it’s kind of too awkward for a regular use on a handset such as bold and fun as this one.

This all has to do with the Android 9.0 Pie update? This version of the Android operating system looks packs quite an interesting set of intuitive improvements, one of which removes the frustration of auto-rotating the screen. For older versions of Android, all you can do is keep Auto-rotate On or Off. When it’s On, you can put your phone in landscape orientation, and the app will match that mode. If you however turn it Off, then every app stays locked in portrait orientation.

Keeping it off is better than dealing with random screen rotations, but turning it back on when you need landscape mode isn’t a swift action. However, Android 9.0 Pie’s new method is much simpler and easier to use on your Pixel 3. First, turn off Auto-rotate, as described below and then, just complete the procedure as given:

How to Maintain Auto-rotate Off on Pixel 3 Device:

  1. To begin, you must pull down the notification bar all the way down until you see the Pixel 3 quick settings tiles;
  2. Tap Auto-rotate in order to turn it off;
  3. Skip the previous two steps if you already had it turned off;
  4. Once screen rotation lock is disabled in the notification drawer, open any app you wish to use;
  5. You have to rotate your screen to landscape;
  6. You’ll notice the app doesn’t convert to landscape mode — but you will see a new icon appear to the right of the home button. Tap it, and the app will swap to landscape mode;
  7. At this point, if you switch back to portrait orientation, you’ll see the same icon appear again. Tap it once more and you’re back to portrait mode.

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