Enable Fingerprint Selfie on Redmi 3S Prime

If your wish is to capture images with your favorite camera app using fingerprint in Redmi 3S Prime, then you already know that it isn’t possible, at least not at this point, without a few changes from your part. Well, even if your Redmi 3S Prime doesn’t support fingerprint selfie capture feature, there is always a developer or a XDA member making a workaround to enable fingerprint selfie capture even on such devices and yours is no exception to that.

All thanks go to XDA senior member – dineshthangavel47 this time and the result is guaranteed. For the moment, if you simply brush your finger against the fingerprint sensor on your Xiaomi Redmi 3S Prime, you may notice your handset acting weird. The phone may start to randomly select text as long as Xiaomi made the fingerprint sensor send the DPAD_CENTER KeyEvent whenever it was pressed.

I am going to use a simple method to change this key event and replace it with that of the camera. This sounds much more tempting, right? Then, pressing the fingerprint sensor will lead to a device that lets you take photos. Just note that in order for the procedure to work, the handset must have an unlocked bootloader and even more, it has to be rooted with SuperSU or Magisk.

How to Enable Fingerprint Selfie on Redmi 3S Prime:

  1. First of all, download a root file explorer of your choice;
  2. After that, you must take QuickEdit Text Editor from the Play Store;
  3. You have to install it on your device a s it is necessary to edit the key file;
  4. Now, go to the app drawer and launch Solid Explorer;
  5. You will need to grant it permissions to access storage, so follow the on-screen instructions;
  6. swipe out from the left edge of the app screen to bring up the menu;
  7. Then, tap on “Root” and you will be prompted to grant root permissions to the Solid Explorer app;
  8. This will open the root partition of your device;
  9. Find your way to the “/system/usr/keylayout” directory;
  10. Go to /system/usr/keylayout and select Generic.kl;
  11. Scroll down and open Generic.kl using the QuickEdit app;
  12. The file will open in the editor. At this point, scroll down until you find the “key 353” entry;
  13. As you can notice, the current value for this key is DPAD_CENTER, so edit this value and replace it with CAMERA;
  14. Change key 353 value from DPAD_CENTER to CAMERA;
  15. When done, tap on the folder icon on the top and select Save;
  16. The last step is the one that you are used to – just reboot the handset in order to maintain the change.

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