BlackBerry Z30 to Receive BB OS 10.2.1 with Integrated Android capability

BlackBerry users don’t have to wait any longer, since the Z30 has finally received the OS 10.2.1 integrated Android. Officially called BlackBerry OS 10.2.1, the update comes with a wide variety of fresh new enhancements and features available for the next couple of weeks. It is definitely a step forward for the global mobile manufacturer, which is a clear indication of how well have things changed for its BlackBerry Z30 and Q10 devices after receiving the update.

As our source states, a released video shows the enhancements and the features of the BlackBerry OS 12.2.1 that will make things run more smoothly and even faster.

First, BlackBerry Z30`s users will have the chance to make full use of Pinch Gesture specially customized to filter the BlackBerry Hub. Besides getting access to all the messages and the notifications, a new feature allows you to filter the message list from the hub. The hub can be customized to show only unread messages or sent messages, and by pinching gesture on the list, you can active whatever you want.

Another feature Android-like is the new incoming call screen that allows you to answer a caller by swiping to the left, or rejecting a call by swiping to the right. Along with that, there are also new icons displayed, showing the Android characteristics, icons that let you put the phone on silence or send a reply to someone using the BBM, SMS or email.

One particular feature that seems to also function just fine is the Lock Screen enhancement that lets you see all the notifications appearing on your lock screen, check your messages or send any notifications without unlocking the screen. And there are even more features to come with this update.

Of course that the BlackBerry devices using this this hybrid Android have some limitations concerning its apps and features. The phone manufacturer has to come to a solution involving the manufacturing and the releasing of its own set of apps, if it really wants to survive on the smartphone market.