Samsung and Phones 4u Partnership Brings 15 New Stores

Have you heard abut the latest Samsung and Phones 4u partnership? Phones 4u will extend its retail partnership with Samsung by opening no less than 15 stores branded in the manufacturer’s name, ready to offer us smartphones, tablets, wearable technology and all sort of interesting computing accessories. As the official press release reveals, these new Samsung stores will be managed by Phones 4u and staffed by the company’s employees, but the companies have yet to specify where exactly the stores will be located and how many jobs are going to be created given the new circumstances.

The companies and their long history

What is more interesting is the fact that two companies seem to have a long history together. Let’s take the example of Samsung’s store placed in Westfield Stratford, where Phones 4u personnel already sell a range of products from this manufacturer.

Samsung and Phones 4u Partnership

Samsung and Phones 4u Partnership

And we have encountered a similar situation in London 2012 Olympics and it turned out much better than expected. So, why not repeating the story in today’s context? We don’t need a special event for that, but just the will of these companies to work together for offering us the best experiences possible.

Previous deal with Carphone Warehouse

Here we want to tell you something that you are probably not aware of: back on January 29, the same Korean company has just signed a deal with Carphone Warehouse. According to this deal, the two companies will open around 60 standalone stores across the entire Europe, around 20 of which will be located in the UK. We have no problem with that; in fact that idea sounds great, but as our source confirms, Carphone Warehouse’s biggest competitor is none other than Phones 4u.

Can Samsung play the game on both sides? It seems that yes, as long as everyone is happy. And as Phones 4u chief marketing officer Scott Hooton has just declared that he is thrilled to be further developing this relationship, things seem ok for the moment.