LG G Pro 2 Specs and Features Officially Confirmed

Just a few days ago we have seen leaked images of the G Pro 2 smartphone on a Korean forum, showing us its design with those interesting G2-style rear mounted button, but while the existence of this handset has been confirmed, its specs and features haven’t. At least up to now, so we are back with new details that you are probably more than curious to find out. We won’t deny the fact that the list is far from being complete, but at least we know for sure some of its interesting upcoming camera features and we want to share them with you.

Upcoming camera features

We want to be clear from the start and confirm some of the previous rumors regarding the ‘OIS Plus’ technology which can create clearer shots than ever, not to mention the new 20-shot burst mode which can combine all shots into a single photo for new effects.

LG G Pro 2 Specs and Features Officially Confirmed

LG G Pro 2 Specs and Features Officially Confirmed

And what about the fact that the company claims that we will receive an amazing ‘4K’ capture ability? As you probably know, only UHD can capture at a resolution of no less than 3840×2160 pixels and we admit that it is one of LG’s G Pro 2 biggest advantages. But finally, will it be a 13MP camera or are we going to receive an upgrade to a 16MP one? We still cannot tell you that.

Other main specs

According to the latest rumors, LG G Pro 2 will come with an Ultra-HD screen having a resolution of no less than 1440×2560 QHD pixels, while the power is supposed to be provided by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chipset, although the clock speed is still unknown at this point. We have also heard that LG could be working on their own chipset which has the codename ‘Odin’ and several rumors also claim that LG could use their Odin processors in their handsets for 2014, but we don’t know if LG G Pro 2 is one of them too.

It is simply too early for predicting that! The LG G Pro 2 will be the replacement for the current LG Optimus G Pro so we have high expectations, but apart from what we have presented you, even our source confirms that not much else is known. So let’s have a little more patience!

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