T-Mobile Moto X KitKat Soak Test Has Started Rolling Out

We have fresh details for all those who own a T-Mobile Moto X smartphone. Several Motorola Moto X users have just received the Android 4.4.2 KitKat operating system upgrade on their devices, as wireless carrier T-Mobile has recently started a soak test for this update that we are talking about. You should know from the start that it has the build number 161.44.25, not to mention that it should already be on your Moto X given your participation in these soak tests. And the best part is that if everything went according to the plan, then we are not that far by receiving the actual update.

Several improvements

We all know that this KitKat Soak Test doesn’t come as a major update from Android 4.4, but this doesn’t have to mean that we shouldn’t expect receiving several improvements from our Moto X.

T-Mobile Moto X KitKat Soak Test has started Rolling Out

T-Mobile Moto X KitKat Soak Test has started Rolling Out

To be more specific, this test version of the upgrade comes with the option to print directly from the device through the use of Google Cloud Print, as well as a set of fixes for a series of Microsoft Exchange issues. Even more, we can also find some camera improvements, not to mention that it is considered as being capable to fix those repeated Android 4.4 battery life issues that many of you have complained about in the last few weeks.

News about the official release

As our source confirms, just a limited number of users had received this KitKat Soak Test version, but assuming that all goes well with this soak test, it becomes obviously that the final update should be pushed outside of the Motorola Feedback Network in the upcoming days or weeks. But we still don’t have any details about when the AT&T, Verizon and Sprint version will receive this update.

We’ll be back with more info, but until then let us know if you got this test version and if you like the changes.