Lock your Lost or Stolen Samsung Galaxy S10 Smartphone

Have you lost your Galaxy S10 phone? I know what you might be thinking of, but you cannot track the phone yourself using the IMEI number. You will have to file a formal complaint at the police station and they can track your phone using IMEI. If your phone is in contract, then maybe your contract provider can track and lock the phone for you.

Or let the Find My Mobile help you a bit. If you signed into your Samsung account during the initial setup, like I said, odds are Find My Mobile is already turned on. So, let it do its wonders! As many of you know, this can be used to remotely locate your lost smartphone, back up data stored on the device to Samsung Cloud, or block access to Samsung Pay.

To this, I may add other useful options. If someone has replaced the SIM card on your Galaxy S10 device, you will be able to check the new phone number in the Find My Mobile website through a notification. If you want, you may also assign a family member as a guardian via Find My Mobile, and let them locate your device, make it ring, and enable Emergency mode.

Moreover, there’s also a Lock option that gives you the chance to set a new password to unlock the phone. You may also display a message over the lock screen and add a button to call back your number so that anyone that comes across your phone can get in touch with you. This might be your chance, so let’s see how it’s done:

Lock your Lost or Stolen Samsung Galaxy S10 Smartphone:

  1. Locate your phone on Find My Device;
  2. Then, tap Lock;
  3. Click on Lock Power Off or Lock Screen;
  4. You can now click Next;
  5. Here’s what you can do at this point:
  • PIN – assign a PIN that is used to lock the device;
  • Message– you can choose to display any custom message, so feel free to write it here;
  • Emergency Contact Phone Number – you may write a contact number in this section. This will be displayed on the locked screen as well.

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