HTC One M8 – Spotted in Leaked Photos

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A few days ago we have seen a leaked HTC M8 Case, but what do you feel about having the chance of seeing the actual device? It sounds much better, isn’t it? HTC One M8 was just spotted in a few leaked photos; to be more specific, here we can see the front of this smartphone and nothing more than that, but it is definitely better than nothing. Taking in consideration this photo, we can say that this upcoming HTC One M8 looks just as the HTC One smartphone that we all know so well, but are there any differences?

A closer look to these leaked photos

The only difference between this HTC One M8 upcoming handset and its predecessor is its much thinner bezel around the display which seems to be the latest trend among the most recent smartphones and even phablets as well.

HTC One M8 - Spotted in Leaked Photos

HTC One M8 – Spotted in Leaked Photos

And as you can see, the device is presented just in a black color, although we have previously told you about the possibility of receiving HTC M8 in no less than four color options. Maybe the black one is the first one to come, soon followed by the other three ones in red, blue and light gray.

Even more, as our source suggests, we have also noticed the on-screen Android buttons. Rumor has is that they are supposed to be removable via a simple swiping gesture and these photos seem to support this theory as long as in one of them HTC One M8 is indeed without on-screen buttons.

Special event in New York City

As for its technical specs, we tend to believe that it will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, also including a 5 inches 1080p display and featuring the Android 4.4.2 KitKat OS, but nothing is yet confirmed. We have heard plenty of rumors, but let’s just wait until March when the smartphone is going to be presented at a special event in New York City.

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