[Updated] Samsung Galaxy S5 Soon Expected in US, UK, Canada and Australia

As it was expected, things are rolling out just fine with the just unveiled Galaxy S5 at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last night, as now we are back with some updated news about the flagship`s launch in 150 countries as well as on the world`s main continents like the US, the UK, Canada and also Australia. Different carriers will be pushing the Galaxy S5 towards their final destinations.

Galaxy S5 will be first reaching the US on April 11, with the AT&T carrier on the action. As for the T-Mobile and Sprint there is good news too, as both carriers will be delivering the handset in the US regions also in April, but at an announced date yet. As for the Verizon, there is still no news on when it will ship the flagship in the regions of the US.

[Updated] Samsung Galaxy S5 Soon Expected in US, UK, Canada and Australia

[Updated] Samsung Galaxy S5 Soon Expected in US, UK, Canada and Australia

The Galaxy S5 is also long expected in the UK, with retailers and networks to confirm the launch of the device in April as well. We are talking about carriers like Three, EE and the famous Vodafone to deliver it there. Soon enough, the list will be completed with the Phones 4U and Carphone Warehouse carriers.

Plans for Canada are going just fine as well, with plenty of carriers like Bell, Rogers, Eastlink, Virgin Mobile, Videotron, SaskTel, TELUS or Kodo, to deliver the S5 to its fans, yet with an announced date. Only Bell has confirmed the launch in April, with expected good news for other carriers like TELUS and Rogers.

The hot continent Australia will also be receiving the Galaxy S5 through Vodafone AU, Optus, Telgra and Virgin Mobile. As for the release date, no fresh news whether the flagship will be launched in April or later.

Concerning the prices involved for the Galaxy S5 in each of the aforementioned country, still no official news. Sources from Bloomberg report that the S5 will come cheaper with its carriers than the Galaxy S3 or S4. That would be a real surprise. Is Samsung really becoming that commercial with the S5?

We will wait and see and we will keep you posted on prices involved! Don’t forget to write about upcoming cheaper prices! Cheers!