Nokia XL Running Nokia’s own customized Version of Android

We have all talked about Nokia’s attempt to enter into the Android market thanks to its Nokia X device, but as you probably know, this isn’t their device that has been revealed. Nokia XL also deserves our full attention as long as it runs Nokia’s own customized version of Android and comes as a beefier variant of this Nokia X model that we have just told you about. Do you want to find out more details about it? We want to tell you from the start that Nokia XL will be on sale everywhere in the world, excepting the U.S.; as for its price, it will only cost you €109 (around $150).

Design and Specs

As you can see by yourself in this photo, Nokia XL comes in a variety of eye-catching colors, offering us the same sturdy build quality that we are already used to get it from this company. So, although it is just a budget friendly device, it is hard to tell that by taking a look to its design or holding it in your hand. It is much better than expected at this chapter.

Nokia XL Running Nokia’s own customized Version of Android

Nokia XL Running Nokia’s own customized Version of Android

Even more, we must tell you that its 5-inch WVGA display (with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixel), Noxia XL puts an Android fork OS version on a surprisingly big screen. And don’t leave aside the fact that we have here a customizable home screen, so we are talking about resizeable tiles and the possibility to rearrange your apps, contacts and services just as you might want them from the start.

In terms of power, Nokia XL houses a 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 dual-core CPU, just as the X version, but accompanied by a more generous 768MB of RAM instead of only 512MB as found there. And who doesn’t like the fact that it comes with dual-SIM support so you can easily separate your private and business life? We must admit that it sounds more than tempting, but what about that Android experience?

Nokia’s Customized version of Android

As we have already told you, we are only talking about Nokia’s own customized version of Android, but we can assure you that despite of these modest specs that we have presented you, the UI seems to be surprisingly fluid and responsive. Anyway, you should understand from the start that this Nokia XL that we have here lacks those Google Play services that you might have in mind such as Play Store or Gmail, but it comes instead with Nokia’s HERE Maps, Nokia App Store and Microsoft’s OneDrive.

And the best part is that Nokia KL will be able to run all those Android apps that are currently released on the web version of the Play Store, but you are supposed to download an apk file. As for XL’s interface, it makes us think of Windows Phone’s tile-based UI being very easy to use and even personalize; you just have to press and hold any icon if you want to resize it or move it or you can hold one finger on a certain element for tossing it.