Oppo Find 7 Spotted on the Red Dot Design Site

Despite off all those video teasers revealed by the company, Oppo has tried to maintain the mystery when it comes to its upcoming Oppo Find 7 as much as possible until March 19th. But when are things going exactly as planned? The Red Dot Design Site has spoiled things (once again) by showing off the Oppo Find 7 smartphone in its product gallery, two weeks ahead of its official schedule. So yes, now we finally have an idea regarding how the device should look like, but some of its specs might not necessary be what we have all hoped for.

No 50-megapixel Shooter

The Red Dot Design Site has also offered us some details regarding the upcoming Oppo Find 7 and we must tell you from the start that you should forget all about that rumored 50-megapixel shooter as long as the handset here presented comes with an ordinary 13-megapixel camera.

Oppo Find 7 Spotted on the Red Dot Design Site

Oppo Find 7 Spotted on the Red Dot Design Site

But something is known for sure, whatever resolution the camera ends up being, Oppo Find 7 will come with a special feature that Oppo calls it the ‘Touch On lens’. And as we have previously told you, we cannot be sure what it is supposed to do at this point.

Product Description

According to the product description, this Oppo Find 7 also gets the power from a Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor and its 5.5 inch HD screen has a resolution of 2560×1440 pixel, not to mention that it supports TD-LTE 4G network.

Are you confused about those rumors circulating about a secondary Oppo phone which is supposed to come with a lower resolution of only 1920×1080 pixels? We cannot say that they aren’t necessarily real, but we can assure you that there is no mention of its existence on the Red Dot Design Site.

We’ll find out the truth in the near future.