New Galaxy Core Advance Accessories: Ultrasonic Cover, Optical Scan Stand, and Voice Label

Samsung has just announced some interesting new accessories for its Galaxy Core Advance, a modest Android phone which the company has recently launched it in its home country Korea as well. The new tools include an Ultrasonic Cover, an Optical Scan stand as well as the NFC Voice Label, all of them being already available in markets where the handset is being officially sold. And there is something that we can tell you for sure: these Galaxy Core Advance accessories for a “universally flawless user experience at an affordable price,” as Samsung presents them deserve all our attention:

Ultrasonic Cover, Optical Scan Stand, and Voice Label for Galaxy Core Advance

The most interesting of them seems to be the Ultrasonic Cover which alerts the user about people and obstacles by emitting an ultrasonic sound, making the device an ideal choice for the disabled and visually impaired users. Obstacles are alerted through voice or vibration feedback from the Galaxy Core Advance phone, just as you want to choose from the start. All you have to do is to hold the Cover outward, and it will immediately vibrate when something is up to two meters away.

Optical Scan Stand for Galaxy Core Advance

Optical Scan Stand for Galaxy Core Advance

When it comes to the other accessories that we have told you about, you shouldn’t imagine that they don’t have anything to offer. On the contrary, the Optical Scan Stand allows this Galaxy Core Advance device to focus on text and auto-activate an app called Optical Scan that can easily will detect text from an image and read it aloud to a user. As for the new Voice Label, it can distinguished objects and lets its users to make notes and tag voice labels.

Thanks to its NFC capabilities, the accessory connects to your Galaxy Core Advance, so you can record, stop and access these notes whenever you might want.