How to Get Notification LED on Galaxy S10 Device

This year, Samsung came up with the Hole Punch Camera Display, that is cutting an actual hole on the displays of the Galaxy S10 line. This might seem like an inspired design and it really looks beautiful, but Samsung had to cut some corners in order to achieve that. And this includes the Notifications LED and even its iconic Iris scanner.

While Ambient Display and other features might have indeed diminished the need for a notification LED on phones, the removal of the notification light is still impossible to accept. If you feel the same, then be sure of the fact that I can help.

Samsung has made the cutout notification ring available via an update to the Edge Lighting+ application. This is an important part of the Good Lock family of applications, but Edge Lighting+ can work as a standalone application as well.

Detailed procedure:

  1. At first, download the updated version Edge Lighting+ application if you don’t already have it installed on your phone;
  2. Install it;
  3. Then, launch Edge Lighting+ from your application menu;
  4. You may tap on Effect which would be an option present in the bottom bar;
  5. Here you’ll see a bunch of edge lighting effects which you can scroll through horizontally;
  6. Scroll to the very end of these effects and then you’d be able to see an effect called Eclipse. Tap on it right away;
  7. By doing so you would be able to see a preview of what the effect would look like on your device;
  8. Tap on Done to use this edge lighting effect;
  9. If you want, change the color of the edge lighting effect by tapping on the Color option found in the bottom bar of the Edge lighting+ app;
  10. You can also tap on Transparency on the bottom bar and use the slider to adjust the transparency of the edge lighting effect;
  11. Also change the duration of which the edge lighting effect lasts. For that, tap on Duration on the bottom bar and you would be able to pick from Short, Medium, and Long duration options. Then, tap on Done when pleased by your choice.


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