Huawei Dual-OS Android-Windows Device Plans have been Cancelled

Two weeks ago we have just told you about a Huawei Dual-OS Device planned for an US release. Huawei Chief Marketing Officer Shao Yang has official declared that the company was very excited about such a new dual-OS smartphone, which would be able to run both Android and Windows Phone. Yang stated that Huawei hoped to release the device very soon, also motivating the company’s decision: “If it is Windows only, maybe people will not find it as easy a decision to buy the phone. If they have the Android and Windows together, you can change it as you wish and it is much easier for people to choose Windows Phone.” But now, we have just found out that the Huawei Dual-OS Android-Windows device plans have been cancelled. How could something like this even be possible?

New Products based on Android OS only

Huawei has just announced that it won’t be releasing this dual-boot smartphone any time soon: “Most of our products are based on Android OS, [and] at this stage, there are no plans to launch a dual-OS smartphone in the near future.” That’s even more surprising given the fact that we all know the company’s preferences for Microsoft’s platform. So, if we are talking about new products which are based on Android OS only, what’s happening with that agreement with Microsoft?

Huawei has also stated that it will also continue producing Windows-based products, but things don’t look that great for the future. Huawei said: “As long as the consumers continue to demand Windows, we will continue to supply them.” But we all know that Android is continuing to rise, while Microsoft struggles to stay on the surface in such an unfair battle where the winner has been chosen a long time ago.

Huawei isn’t the only one in this position

And we also know that many of you were very excited about the possibility of a Huawei Dual-OS Android-Windows smartphone, but these sorts of handsets seem to have such an unsecure faith, just as it has also happened with ASUS which was forced to abandon its plans for the Transformer Book Duet TD300 as well.