Get Paid Themes on your Galaxy Device for Free

Android is everyone’s top choice and this comes as no surprise. We are free to customize each and every feature when it comes to the Android handset that sits in our pocket. Though many of these features are customization free of cost, there are also times when we have to pay for others. Why are we willing to do that? It’s simple: we tend to strive for individuality in life, and nowhere should we strive for it more than in our phones, so paying to get that makes perfect sense.

Samsung Themes is such as example since it offers up hundreds of fresh themes that apply to the entire system, changing the colors of not only your app drawer and icons, but of the settings and the system popups too.

There are plenty of themes out there to try, and even if some free themes that work quite well, many of the best themes are paid. However, as you have seen, there is a way to get paid themes on your Galaxy device for free, so you really have no reason to refuse that.

Before you can go ahead with the procedure, note that you have to use a package disabling application so that the procedure will be successful. The PDP is paid and the handset must be rooted or else you cannot succeed.

Detailed procedure:

  1. Enter into Settings;
  2. Then, navigate from the Settings view to Themes;
  3. At this point, you have to choose Additional Themes;
  4. Look out for any paid theme and select it;
  5. Next, check the details and so you will have options that let you download, purchase, and even opt for the trial;
    Your job is to click the Trial Download Button so that it starts the download process;
  6. To apply this theme, select Trial version;
  7. Well, you can try this Theme for up to 300 seconds. However, the package disabling tool will change that;
  8. Now, open the Application to look for the Theme in question;
  9. There will be two applications which are Themes store and also Theme. You must now select Themes Store which appears in the search results and a menu will pop up.

By applying the above steps, the payment theme remains on your phone even without you having to pay the money. Note that if you opt to change back to the default settings or you want to try an alternative theme, you will have to activate that theme using the package disabling application.

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