Customize Galaxy S5 Ringtones and Notification Tones

In case of being the owner of a Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone and you want to customize ringtones and notification tones, we totally understand your decision. You already have a handset that sets you apart from the crowd, but this doesn’t have to mean that you shouldn’t do even more in order to feel that it is a unique choice, perfectly according to your style and personality.

And besides that, let’s face the facts: when a phone rings, you want know that it is yours and not someone else’s, so this procedure could also save you of this inconvenience (if we could call it like that). So, don’t hesitate to customize the notification ringtones for email or messages, ring tones per ID and even for knowing who is calling you without checking your phone (ringtones for the caller profile). And you have more than one option to choose from:

How to Customize your Galaxy S5 Ringtones and Notification Tones:

Choose pre-installed ringtones from your Samsung Galaxy S5

Don’t forget that Samsung is offering you various preinstalled free ringtones to choose from. If you select the default and you discover that it is not what you really need, then don’t worry; you can always choose a new ring tone from Settings > Sound > Ringtones.

This method is indeed a very simple one, but we know that many of you might be bothered by the idea of selecting only from the available ringtones pre-installed. Other than the default notification tones offered by the Korean company on your Samsung Galaxy S5, don’t forget that you can also use a MP3 file or any other audio files and set it as a message tone on the handset:

Use Music Files to customize Galaxy S5 Ringtones

  1. Open the Music app in your Galaxy S5;
  2. Find the music file in your S5, then tap and hold it until being selected;
  3. After that, you must tap the Menu button (the 3 vertical dots) and choose “Set as”; You can set the music as:
  • Phone ringtone – the music will be added as an available ringtone in your Galaxy S5. You have to choose if you want to play the music from the beginning or if you let the system decide and after that, just tap “Done”. If you want to use this music file as the default ringtone, enter into Settings > Sound > Ringtones and choose it as the default ringtone on your Samsung Galaxy phone;
  • Caller ringtone – the music will be added as a customized ringtone and will be assigned to a contact in your address book. Like that, you’ll know who is calling even before looking at the screen;
  • Alarm tone – the music will be immediately assigned to your alarm clock; we don’t know if this will make your mornings more enjoyable, but we hope so!

Customize Galaxy S5 Notification Ringtones with Music Files from your PC

If you love a certain song and you want it from the PC on your smartphone, copy the music to your Galaxy S5 through USB cable, Bluetooth, as well as WiFi direct.

And don’t forget that you can also copy the music file to the Ringtones folder in the internal storage of your Galaxy S5. Once the music file is there, it will also become available in the ringtone list, so feel free to customize Galaxy S5 ringtones as you want.

Customize Galaxy S5 Notification Tones for Individual Apps

When it comes to the pre-installed SGS5 applications, Samsung gives us the possibility to customize the notification ringtones for Individual Apps. In order to do so, head into Settings > Sound > Samsung apps section and make your new choices.

Customize Galaxy S5 Ringtones for Each Contact

As we have told you from the start, it is very easy to customize Galaxy S5 ringtones for each contact so that you could know who is calling you once the phone rings. There are two methods to choose from:

  • Method 1: Use music files

This procedure is very simple as it includes some steps that we have already talked about:

  1. Start by opening the Music app and finding the music file in your S5;
  2. Tap and hold the music file in order to select it;
  3. Then tap the Menu button and choose “Set as caller ringtone”.
  • Method 2: Choose from available ringtones
  1. For the beginning, open the Contacts app in your Galaxy S5;
  2. Tap the contact you want to assign a non-default ringtone;
  3. Also tap the Edit button (the pencil);
  4. Then, tap Ringtone field and choose from the available ringtones to customize Galaxy S5 ringtones for this contact.

If you still have questions about this customizing Galaxy S5 ringtones and notification tones topic, please let us know in the comment box below. We’ll do our best to help you as soon as possible!


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  1. Amanda Minea says:

    Whenever I go into my contacts and select one to customize. Only phone numbers and email come up in the edit screen. Really wanting to set customized ringtones but it is not seeming possible.

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