Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Receives Android 4.4.2 KitKat Update

After the big release of the latest version of Android, the KitKat update, users hardly expected to see the update rolling for their own devices. In case you have been wondering about the official update for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, the update is now rolling out of the AT&T carrier in the United States.

The carrier has officially announced on Wednesday that the KitKat update is available for download, and it started to roll out for all users owning Samsung’s phablet. In the same time, it is worth mentioning the fact that it rolls out over the air.

I am sure that some of you already know what this update really means. However, besides the traditional stuff that comes out with the latest version of Android, Samsung Note 3 users will also receive a couple of improvements and changes. For example, the first thing you will note when installing the KitKat update is the improved interface and visual aspects.

This Android update includes things such as remodeled status and navigation bars, different new color emoji icons, stronger security, and more efficient power usage. In the same time, users will get a full screen immersive mode, useful when you want to use an app on the full screen.

In what concerns the messaging app, you are able now to choose the messaging app that will be the default one when you have plenty apps used to send and receive text messages on your smartphone. I am sure that this will turn out to be quite useful, especially for those of you who are Whatsapp fans.

The wireless printing is now available with the new Android KitKat update. Within the enhanced settings in the settings menu, users will be able to enable or disable the wireless printing options. Moreover, what I personally think it is pretty amazing is the fact that there are new sound controls which can be used to set a specific sound for specific Samsung applications.

Among other interesting features, with the KitKat update, users will see camera to be accessible right from the lock screen. A new location menu, which allows users to activate GPS and set their location details, has been made available along with the latest update.

If your Note 3 device has not yet prompted you for the update so far, wait a little bit more since it needs a couple of hours to reach all devices. However, meantime, you can always check for it by going to the Settings tab, choose More, tap on the About device and then on Software update to check for available updates.

At this point, the update should start downloading. When you finish downloading the update, your phone will restart and then you can discover all those great features and changes that the KitKat update offers us. 

  • inthecloset

    The headline refers to the Samsung Galaxy HD Note 2 however the body of the article seems to be referring to the HD Note 3. Which is it?

    • AndroidFlagship

      You’re right, we made a confusion, the news is about Samsung Galaxy HD Note 3. Thanks for notifying.