Lenovo Prepares Four New A-Series Tablets

Lenovo has recently announced four new A series Android-powered tablets. In the first place, there is the A7-30, then A7-50, A8 and the A10, where the A number suggests the display size.

The manufacturer started the listing with the A7-30 seven-inch devices, which are designed mostly for an optimal music or multimedia enjoyments through exceptional Dolby enhancements, dual-front speakers and a performance package.

On the other hand, the A7-50, is quite affordable, since it offers a wide-view HD display for the sharper text and the web pages, while the larger screen A8 is considered by Lenovo, to be a “home entertainment” center that comes in different colors, for each personality and style.

In what concerns the last tablet, the biggest one, and namely the A10, the tablet is equipped with an amazing 10.1-inch HD display and Dolby enhanced dual front speakers for an amazing movie watching experience.

As suggested by the big Chinese manufacturer, the new A-Series Android tablets include new functionality and different configurations and they are specifically designed for distinct customer segments.

While the A7-30 represents mostly a tablet that provides an amazing audio experience, the A7-05 7-inch is designed mostly for watching movies, or browsing photos, due to its amazing wide-view HD screen. The other two tablets, the A8 and the A10, can be considered to be the masterpiece of the A-series, since they make use of the HD screen and enhanced performance in the best way possible.

  • A7-30, suggestively named by Lenovo the Pocket Studio with Dolby, is mostly represented by the audio part. The enhanced dual-front speakers make it an ultra-portable tablet that all of you who enjoy listening to music will definitely love it. It has a 7-inch screen powered by a powerful quad-core processor, while the SIM card support helps users keep in touch with their friends.
  • A7-50, the Crystal Clear Multimedia Reader, honors her name through the wide-view HD display, which renders a sharper text and web pages. Again, powered by a quad-core processor and equipped with a 2-MP front and rear-facing camera, it is great to read, browse the internet as well as to stay connected with your friends through the optional 3G connectivity.
  • A8, also known as Home Entertainment on the Move, is an 8-inch tablet, which comes in a range of bold colors, to fit each personality and style, while providing quality audio and entertainment on the go. The Quad-core processor makes it a perfect choice for playing games, watching movies or videos, listening to music or socializing with friends.
  • A10, the last one of the Lenovo A-Series, also called the Mobile Home Theater System, focuses mostly on the video watching experience without actually staying indoors. Users will be able to watch full-length high quality movies on the 10.1-inch wide HD display along with the Dolby dual front speakers.

As you can see, each one of these tablets offers something unique, something different, something that makes them unique. Each one of them is designed for a particular segment of the public, offering certain configurations and features.

The A-series Lenovo tablets are meant to serve multiple needs and budgets and they will be available starting with this quarter. Related to the price range, the A7-50 will start at £99.99, the A8-50 will be £139.99, while the A10-70 tablet starts at £169.99.