Google Reportedly Becoming a Wireless Network Service Provider

Apart from being a leader worldwide with the Android services that it offers, Google is also part of an important project in the US which is the Google Fiber internet. In regards to this product, there is also the chance that the Google Corporation would become a major wireless network service provider, a rumor also backed by a report soon issued from the Information.

Since Google is successful with the Fiber internet, the wireless service might be also well received in the areas where the corporation has access. More than that, Google is also in talks with the major network carriers from the US like Verizon Wireless or T-Mobile for an upcoming partnership.

Thus, Google may have to choose between the two carriers, as the option might come with some enquiries from the two carriers. Verizon, one of the leading networks in the US, might agree with a partnership with Google providing that the latter might come up with a Nexus version that would run smoothly with the “Verizon-based MVNO service”.

On the other hand, Google might be playing around with T-Mobile, which would be more suitable for the company, as the US carrier seems to be planning ahead a lot of projects concerning the wireless phone servicing. Thus, this project with be profitable on both sides.

Of course it is too early about Google planning to develop its own MVNO carrier service, but until then, the company has to come up with a strategic plan on how it will present the service. From my point of view, the company has two choices. Either it includes its service as a part of the already known Google Fiber, or it could control software updates on its own MVNO-based carrier, which would provide faster Android updates, in a partnership with one of the aforementioned carriers.

In the end, Google would end up having its own wireless network service, that customers could access to make phone calls, texts or use data, with the possibility of routing to their partnering network in case they are out of a Wi-Fi access point.

Would you agree with Google backing-up a wireless partnership or including a Wi-Fi network along its Google Fiber network? Cheers and do write!