Samsung Gear Solo Coming with USIM Module

Samsung has been reported to work on an updated Gear 2 smartwatch coming with a built-in functionality like an USIM module, and today, a new report has been launched mentioning that the Korean smartphone manufacturer is just about to give the smartwatch a new name, meaning that it would eventually come. Thus, the Korea Herald states that the new gear would bear the name Samsung Gear Solo and it is supposed to be first launched in South Korea by the two well-known carriers Samsung and SK Telecom in the upcoming weeks.

The report seems to be true, since it was just a while ago when Samsung applied for a patent to name the new smartwatch Gear Solo, followed though by an uncertainty flowing into the air about the smartwatch being first launched in Korea. Perhaps the smartphone manufacturer is testing the smartwatch in Korea, followed by a worldwide launch soon enough.

More than that, the so called Samsung Gear Solo would not come “solo” at all. The smartwatch is set to be equipped with a USIM module which one can make or receive calls. Yet, there would be some issues that might come with this cool built-in feature, for instance the watch`s battery, which may be a serious concern, since it would face a significant wear-out due to “voice networks”. But perhaps Samsung has already sorted out this battery issue.

About three weeks ago, a report issued from Korea stated that the Samsung phone maker would offer a fresh-new version of the Gear 2, coming with an USIM, otherwise known as Universal Subscriber Identity, which would offer its users the chance of making calls right from the smartwatch, without it being connected to a phone.

Since there are two reports stating that a new smartwatch called Gear Solo would be coming soon, we might be incline to believe so. Anyway, we will keep you posted on that! Would it be useful for us to have a watch that could make phone calls without the connection of a smartphone? What`s your point of view? Don’t forget to write! Cheers!