Samsung I9300I Galaxy S3 Neo Unveiled on the Indian Market

We have previously told you that Samsung is preparing a new variant of one of its devices for the Indian market and we weren’t at all wrong. Dubbed as Samsung I9300I Galaxy S3 Neo, the handset was initially introduced in the Chinese market back in January as the Galaxy S III Neo+ and there is no surprise that it is a real success. No, you should not imagine that this Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo has high-end specs and features; that’s definitely not our case. The smartphone just has decent mid-range specs, dual-SIM capabilities and a modest price, elements which are making it a perfect choice for China, so we are more than curious to see what this new version that has been unveiled in India has to offer as well:

What is different about Samsung I9300I Galaxy S3 Neo?

You should know from the start that Samsung I9300I Galaxy S4 Neo is not completely similar to its Chinese Neo+ brother as long as it gets its power from a 1.2GHz quad-core processor and not from a 1.4GHz one, while the RAM has also been changed to 1.5 GB instead of the previous 1GB. So don’t worry, that difference regarding its processor can barely be noticed, while the more generous RAM is extremely important.

Unchanged Display, Cameras and dual-SIM Capabilities

Excepting these aspects, Samsung I9300I Galaxy S3 Neo comes with an unchanged 4.8″ 720p Super AMOLED that can be also found on the original Galaxy S III smartphone, not to mention that we have both an 8MP primary camera and a 2MP front-facing one as well. And don’t forget that it is still a dual-SIM device, giving you the chance to install two SIM cards into the slots found inside the battery compartment. Thanks to that, you can easily store more digital information and use one handset to take calls from two different calling numbers. And of course, you can even operate two different cell phone networks on one device, being the ideal choice for business owners to communicate with this Samsung I9300I Galaxy S3 Neo instead of carrying around two separate smartphones all the time.

Finally, you can choose from a variety of colors such as White, Black, Brown, Pink, Gray, Red, or Blue and don’t forget that Samsung I9300I Galaxy S3 Neo is already available at on Indian retailer Flipkart for no more than INR24,899 (just $414).