Flash Factory Image for Android 6.0.1 Update on Nexus 9 LTE

With Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow ready for your device in the form of a factory image, it only makes sense to get agitated. Do you own a Nexus 9 LTE device? Then, you know that the update features security fixes, as well as a whole bunch of new emoji and not only. Some say that things are not that different, but you have some security fixes here, so it’s better to update as soon as possible.

The files and instructions on what to do with them can be found below, but don’t go straight to them. If you have a history of flashing factory images on your device, then you should be able to flash Factory Image for Android 6.0.1 Update on Nexus 9 LTE with ease.

However, if you have never done something similar up to now, my advice is to have patience and to think twice before getting yourself into such a procedure.

I that’s not the case, start with the beginning and set up ADB and Fastboot on your computer. You can get the quick adb and fastboot installer from here. If you want the computer to detect the phone, you have no excuse for not installing the Nexus USB Drivers on your computer and then opening Settings> Developer options to enable USB Debugging on your device. To enable developer options, tap the Build Number multiple times (approx. 7 times) in About Phone.

You must also take a backup of all your data as you could lose all of your data and the process described below and that’s not all. What about your phone’s battery? Is it charged to face such an operation? There is always some risk of temporarily or permanently damaging your device (bricking it), so take care of this aspect and even so, be prepared to face the consequences. I cannot be held liable if anything bad happens to your smartphone while applying this procedure.

Learn to Flash Factory Image for Android 6.0.1 Update on Nexus 9 LTE:

  1. From here you can take the factory image for your handset;
  2. Transfer it to your PC by using the USB cord;
  3. Then, turn off your Nexus 9 LTE;
  4. Boot into the fastboot mode. For that, you can use the ADB tool: With the device powered on, go to the command terminal and execute the following: adb reboot bootloader;
  5. If necessary, unlock the device’s bootloader through your computer using the command terminal and executing: fastboot oem unlock;
  6. Plug in your Nexus device to the PC and let the drivers install;
  7. Find your way to the factory image file from the computer;
  8. Extract it to get files with .img.flashall;
  9. Up next, you have to run the flash-all.bat file on the PC;
  10. Do not hesitate to confirm the flashing process;
  11. Wait for the process to complete;
  12. Once done, the final step is to reboot the handset normally;
  13. If you don’t have a Windows-based PC, but a Linux or Mac one, run the flash-all.sh file and follow the instructions.

That was all! Let me know if I can be of any help!

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