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Duet Game is a must-have for serious gamers who aren’t afraid of a challenge. Duet starts like any other game but as the level passes, you see that things are different. The game is actually incredibly challenging, with plenty of levels for those who love it, with great background music and not only. This is why you should learn how to enjoy it on your Android device.

The rules are very simple – you have control two vessels in sync and survive all the odds that are put against you. Your goal is to maneuver two objects in sync past white blocks by rotating either clockwise or counterclockwise. On the surface, the concept is indeed simple, but I know that you will change your mind once you get into the game.

Duet Game eases you into the gameplay mechanic with early levels that let you get used to controlling the two dots. They are tethered together at opposite ends of a circle and as blocks float down the screen, so your mission is to rotate the dots simultaneously by touching the left or right side of the screen, and to maneuver both dots past each obstacle.

I don’t know how to put it in words, but Duet Game is one of those games that give you the feeling that you want more and that you never get enough. The simple training session gets increasingly challenging as you progress, requiring you repeat a level several times to get it just right. And I bet that you will do it over and over again! Speaking of that, this Android game comes with a number of nine chapters with six levels in each chapter. If you make a mistake during a level and one of the dots hits a white block, you’ll “rewind” back to the beginning of the level to start again.

Therefore, I make no mistake into saying that this is indeed one of those difficult to master games. It is actually a game of trial and error until you’ve mastered the obstacles of a level in order and not everyone succeeds.

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Let me just tell you that Duet is free to download and you can play with some advertisements between gameplay. They aren’t too intrusive, yet you may choose to pay a once-off in-app purchase that will later unlock “Duet Premium”. This will not only remove all advertisements from the game, but also unlock Survival mode and Daily Challenges feature with four more challenge chapters. Can you say no to all these?

And if you’ve finished the chapters, give a try to the Endless mode. This time, you basically get three lives to go as far as you can, and maneuvering through obstacles without hitting anything slowly regenerates your health.

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