How to Charge Samsung Galaxy S7 Wirelessly

Samsung Galaxy S7 is available around the world and it seems to be some of the best phones released at the moment. However, the owners don’t always use it at its full capacity as they don’t know everything about it or as a result of being afraid to try. For example, it is up to you to use a normal wall charger, an adaptive charger, a wireless charger, or even a fast wireless charger. I don’t know why many of you fear of wireless charging their Samsung Galaxy S7 when this option is actually so convenient.

Wireless charging isn’t a new technology, but Samsung does things a bit different than most. There are two different types of wireless charging for the Galaxy S7. If you buy the wrong charging pad or your new car doesn’t support the right type, then be prepared to find out that it won’t work with some devices.

Despite of that, you don’t have to plug the handset in each time especially as long as Samsung has once again opted to include multiple wireless charging standards on its latest phone, so you will have a variety of options available to purchase. For example, you can choose the Samsung branded charging pad to match your brand new Galaxy S7 phone. The manufacturer offers two versions of the charger, with the main difference being how long it will take to charge up your phone. And I am sure that the best option is to use official Samsung fast wireless charger since only Samsung provides such type of charging.

The process of charging the battery using a fast wireless charger is not different from standard wireless charger. You basically have to power on the adapter after connect it with charging pad, place the Galaxy S7 device on the pad, and let the charging process to complete. This type of charging works faster than the normal wireless charger because it delivers higher current where the normal wireless charger only delivers 1A of current (this means that you can enjoy a 50% faster charging process).

And I don’t know about you, but I’ll still be using a wired charger to power up my phone. However, being able to have a fast wireless charger on my nightstand by the bed or in my bag is certainly a more appealing option in some cases.

How to Use Wireless Charging on Samsung Galaxy S7:

  1. Prepare the charging pad and connect it to power adapter using USB cable;
  2. Then, you must power on the adapter;
  3. Place the back of the device at the charging pad;
  4. If you are using a Samsung Wireless Charging Pad, the charging pad will emit a steady blue light when your device is charging;
  5. If the charging pad emits a slowly flashing blue light, you must reposition your Galaxy device so it is centered on the charging pad;
  6. Simply wait until the charging process has reached to an end. You will know that as long as the charging pad will emit a steady green light only when your device is fully charged;
  7. Remove the Galaxy S7 from the charging pad.

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