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Ebook reader apps are about as good as they’ve ever been and they are worthy of your attention. There are news apps which collect stories from trusted organizations or the ones that let you follow the local and international news. There is Feedly as the ultimate single place to read all types of news. You can make a collection where you can add your favorite publications, podcasts, and even YouTube channels.

Are you interested in another type of reading? Scribd is there to provide an unlimited access program for ebooks. It actually features a library of more than 500,000 books from 900-plus publishers across a variety of genres. So, there’s something for everyone. And some think of that too: why spend a ton of money on ebooks if your local library already has a digital media lending system?

Users can now borrow ebooks and audiobooks from participating libraries all over the world thanks to apps such as Libby and the examples may continue. Today the story remains about Cool Reader. Why is it so special?

Let’s find out more about CoolReader

CoolReader is a free, open source (GPL), multiplatform project that gained success. Cool Reader offers a fully customizable palette, text formatting for any font size and extra smooth scrolling that makes reading such a fun and enjoyable activity. And you can get more if you want to.

Cool Reader is the only e-reader app that provides text-to-speech for free. It also offers a day/night toggle that renders two sets of colors, background and backlight levels for convenient reading or automatic reformatting of .txt file.

Even more, CoolReader supports a wide range of file formats, such as ePub, fb2, html, rtf, txt and more. And you get information on page count, percentage read and chapter marks at the top of the screen, so there’s a complete package you cannot and should not refuse.

Take CoolReader right now.

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