Oppo R1S has been Certified by Tenaa

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Do you remember that slim Oppo R1 dual-SIM device that was released last year with a MediaTek chipset? Oppo is currently working on a new Snapdragon version of the same model and now that it has just been certified by Tenaa, we can see what its most important specs and features are. This Oppo R1S model still measures 142.7 x 70.4 x 7.1mm, but it is lighter at no more than 136g, also coming with an unchanged 5″ TFT screen that has a maximum 720p resolution.

Oppo R1S: New Snapdragon chipset, Better camera

As we have told you from the start, this Oppo R1S handset will be powered by a Snapdragon chipset, most likely a Snapdragon 400 MSM8926 which is more powerful than what the previous version offered us. Yes, we know that the CPU is a quad-core Cortex-A7 in this case too, but at least it is clocked at 1.6GHz and it is paired with 2GB RAM and not with just 1GB as before.

Moreover, we have to tell you about the camera improvements: this time we have a 13MP shooter, instead of a 8MP one, coming with plenty of image editing tools and with the ability to record 1080p video as well. And there’s no mystery that we all love capturing the best moments of our live!

Finally, we can tell you that this Oppo R1S features Android 4.3 Jelly Bean OS version up from the 4.2 Jelly Bean that its Oppo R1 predecessor has, but this still isn’t as good as what KitKat has to offer. We still hope in the possibility of an update, not to mention that the information revealed by Tenaa does not reveal if the Oppo R1S is a dual-SIM like the R1 or not.

Further specifications are yet to be revealed, so don’t hesitate to check on later.

We can assure you that we’ll return with fresh details about this Oppo R1S phone as soon as possible!

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