Samsung’s Galaxy S5 Separate Components cost about $256

As you have seen in the title, Samsung’s new Galaxy S5 flagship separate components cost about $256; to be more precise, this is what you need in order to build your own Galaxy S5, as an analysis coming from a market research firm IHS has just revealed. Just think about the fact that the device sells for $660 without a contract or even more, as well as for $200 with a two-year contract at most carriers, so we are talking about a huge difference. Andrew Rassweiler, an analyst who works at HIS has officially declared that aside from its water-resistant capabilities, there’s nothing impressive about Galaxy S5: “Inside we see mostly a lot of recycled components that we’ve seen before. There’s really nothing special inside where Samsung is pushing the envelope.”

The Separate cost of each Galaxy S5 Component

Are you curious to find out the separate cost of each component? Well, it seems that the most expensive one is Galaxy’s S5 5.1″ full HD Super AMOLED display which is normally priced at $63, but surprisingly, still $12 cheaper than the 5″ display of the Galaxy S4. Somehow, the Korean company has managed to streamline its display production to achieve the lower price. Moreover, the fingerprint sensor in the Galaxy S5 costs just $4, which is once again less expensive than the one found in the iPhone 5s which is priced at $15.

And according to HIS, the DRAM and flash memory of the Galaxy S5 cost no more than $33 combined. When it comes to Samsung’s Galaxy S5 heart rate biosensor, you’ll be surprised that it has a price of no more than $1.45, with the assembly of $5 per unit.

As for that biosensor used for measuring personal health data and for assuring that the phone can work with Samsung’s Gear Fit line of wearable activity monitors, it adds another $1.45 to the component cost. And don’t forget that the chip inside this Galaxy S5 version is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801, which is indeed used by Nokia and LG as well, but this one is slightly faster than previous generations, as Rassweiler has also confirmed, so it is hard to have an exact price.

But this final $256 number seems to be very close to reality, although you can imagine that Samsung declined to comment on this topic.

And we have to admit that this component price estimation doesn’t include R&D, the software and all other distribution and marketing costs, but you still have to accept that Galaxy S5 is much more affordable than what you are really supposed to pay.

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