New Android 4.4.2 Custom ROM for HTC One M8: ViperOneM8

If you aren’t satisfied with the performance of your stock firmware and you are looking for an improved version of your HTC One M8 device’s stock ROM, we have a new suggestion for you: choose a custom ROM and you’ll immediately feel the difference. Why should you take such a decision? Well, we can only tell you that custom ROMs bring faster performance, better battery life, plenty of interesting features and options to customize the look and feel of your device and not only. So, here we are to come with a new Android 4.4.2 Custom ROM suggestion for your HTC One M8: ViperOneM8.

This ViperOneM8 custom ROM is based on stock too like Android Revolution, but we must tell you from the start that it has a lot more options and features waiting to be discovered.

ViperOneM8 – Impressive features for your HTC One M8

ViperOneM8is incredibly fast and stable, giving your HTC One M8 a great boost, just as you probably wanted from the start. Some of its features include changes when it comes to the status bar color, icons, and app drawer background, as well as removed broken widgets and removed duplicate calculators, updated HTC Gallery, fixed Smart Dialing, fixed De-Sense option, fixed T-Mo option, fixed signal/data tweaks and more.

Update your HTC One M8

Do you think that you are ready to update your HTC One M8 with this Android 4.4.2 Custom ROM?

There are a few tasks that you need to complete (such as unlocking your device’s bootloader, installing TWRP recovery on your M8 and more), so don’t hesitate to read our tutorial on how to update HTC One M8 with ViperOneM8 Custom ROM.

There you’ll find all the details that you need to know.