First Android 4.4.2 Custom ROM available for HTC One M8: Revolution HD

You don’t need us to tell you that Android Revolution is the most popular Rom for the original HTC One. If you are the owner of this device, you probably know that already, but what about those of you that have just bought the new HTC One M8?

We can only tell you that we are talking about the first Android 4.4.2 Custom ROM available for HTC One M8 and yes, it is Revolution HD. Thanks to Developer “Mike1986”, you can enjoy now the true potential of your Android smartphone, just like it generally happens when we are talking about a custom ROM.

The advantages of a custom ROM

If you are wondering why you should choose a custom ROM over what your HTC One M8 can already offer you, we have just some of the most important aspects that could support such a decision:

  • a custom ROM lets you change the look and feel of your device;
  • a custom ROM gives you the chance to get rid of bloatware or to get back to the “stock” experience;
  • a custom ROM comes with a variety of features or functionalities that don’t exist in the default ROM.

Let’s just take the example of this first Android 4.4.2 Custom ROM available for HTC One M8.

What has Revolution HD to offer?

Revolution HD is based on KitKat 4.4.2 and is built on Sense 6.0, having all the chancez to surprise you.

To be more specific, this custom ROM can make your HTC One M8 incredibly fast, smooth and lag-free, offering you the chance to enjoy a better battery life, as well as a variety of new features that include full Snapdragon 801 GPU rendering, improved virtual memory management, root access, unsecured boot.img, disabled kernel debugging for better performance, RAM optimizations, bloatware removed, removal of software CPU rendering, improved CPU governors performance, adobe flash player support, and believe it or not, the list is even longer.

What do you have to say about this list? Are these features as impressive as you expected?

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