Google posted Factory Images for Android 4.4.4

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Believe it or not, after so many speculations and leaks about the recently arrived Android 4.4.3, Android 4.4.4 is here without any previous announcement. Yes, Google has just posted Factory Images for Android 4.4.4, not to mention that all Nexus 5 owners are once again the lucky ones as they have already started to receive the OTA update.

Android 4.4.4 Update is a Security Patch

From what Google has just revealed, this new Android 4.4.4 update is a security patch related to OpenSSL, with the build number KTU84P. So, this update is definitely not the next version of Android that we are all expecting to include a kill switch and run on ART (and not on Dalvik as before), but it sill has its importance, as we can find from its changelog:

  • 6da2c75 : CTS test for OpenSSL’s early CCS issue (CVE-2014-0224);
  • 8e02f46 : CTS report MUST not display raw performance numbers;
  • 510cfbc : media: Improve robustness of AdaptivePlaybackTest;
  • e502d40 : Fix a concurrency bug in OpenSSLHeartbleedTest;
  • 3a90060 : hardware: Increase test pattern length;
  • c070509 : hardware: Fix time discrepancy;
  • 1856a4e : CTS test for Heartbleed vulnerability in SSLSocket.

Will your device receive the Android 4.4.4 update?

If you are curious to find out what Android handsets will receive the Android 4.4.4 update, we can tell you that Google has only posted the factory images for the usual Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Nexus 7 (2012 and 2013 WiFi version only) and Nexus 10 handsets up to now, but we can assure you that the list will be much longer than that.

We have the promise of Over The Air updates for all the other eligible Android handsets, but it is still too early to tell you more about the Android 4.4.4 update plans for GPE devices or for the carrier supported units. We’ll keep you updated and don’t forget to keep an eye on your manufacturer or carrier website as well in order to find out about any change.

As for the Nexus 5 OTA update, if you don’t feel comfortable to wait for the official OTA to hit your handset too, you can just go to the Google Dev site (use this link) in order to download the KTU84P image and manually apply the procedure.

Were you successful? How’s using the new Android 4.4.4 update?

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