OmniROM Tries To Solve Android Multi-Window Poor Usability Issue

There is no doubt that the OmniROM team has successfully earned its popularity among the entire Android community and we have the best explanation for that: we simply think that it has something to do with its ability to bring some amazing features to their ROM. There is no doubt the one of them is the multi-window feature that was released a year ago and if you remember, Samsung was actually the first company to bring it to use. Even more, the OmniROM team has also managed to bring this multi-window to stock Android, which is indeed usable, but not as good as expected. We know that here is always enough room from improvement, so that’s actually the best time to inform you that OmniROM currently tries to solve Android’s Multi-Window Poor Usability Issue.

We must all admit that its implementation always felt clunky even from the start. To be more specific, no one could find a clear way for understating which app is supposed to stay at the top and which one at the bottom, not to mention how confusing the situation gets when it comes to restoring an app back to full screen mode.

OmniROM Tries To Solve Android Multi-Window Poor Usability Issue

OmniROM Tries To Solve Android Multi-Window Poor Usability Issue

So, people have continually complained about these problems, but only some videos showing multi-tasking in action on webOS had the anticipated impact. The team was finally forced to admit that this Android Multi-Window features doesn’t work at all properly, just as it happens to Samsung’s Touchwiz, and so many other developer implementations.

But now that the OmniROM team has actually started working on updating this multi-window feature, we have high hopes about the possibility of finally getting the refinement required to make Android multi-tasking run as smoothly as we’d all imagine. And if you want more info, just as our source recommends, don’t hesitate to check the official OmniROM blog from here!

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