Clear the Application Data on your Galaxy S7 Edge

Clearing application data is a maintenance procedure that removes application files and frees up memory. In most cases, the best is to clear the application cache before clearing application data. Clearing the application cache removes temporary files and frees up memory, but if this doesn’t solve the issues that you are experiencing on your Galaxy S7 Edge, then it’s time to move to the next step.

However, you should know right from the start that clearing application data permanently deletes all your user information, settings, credit card information – anything that you didn’t originally download with the application.

So, if a particular application is causing trouble or simply not working right and you have already tried to clear the app cache, then it’s time to clear the app data as well. And let me tell you that the very same procedure is perfect if you want to save some storage space. Some apps can store gigabytes of data that you no longer need, so clearing their data is the best.

Clear the Application Data on your Galaxy S7 Edge:

  1. Go to Settings app, then tap DEVICE tab;
  2. Among the available menu, choose Applications;
  3. While being there, you have to choose Application Manager;
  4. Go to All apps where you can find a list of applications that were installed in the smartphone;
  5. Scroll to and tap the preferred application;
  6. Then, tap Storage;
  7. Tap Clear Data;
  8. Review the message and tap Delete;
  9. Now, have patience until the process completes and restart the phone;
  10. Don’t hesitate to verify the app to see whether the problem still happens or not.

When it comes to your sensitive data, you never know what might happen, so you should be careful:

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