Learn to Enable Find My Mobile on Galaxy S8

Losing a phone is a big fear for many, yet a reality. Like it or not, it’s a possibility that you should take into consideration. You can’t find your phone and the questions start appearing from nowhere: who has it? Is it gone for gone? What are they doing with your device? I know the panic of such a situation and that’s why you have to learn to enable Find My Mobile on your new Galaxy S8.

If you turn on Find My Mobile, you give yourself another chance to recover your Galaxy smartphone in the event you forget it in a taxi, drop it in the supermarket and so on. In fact, the Find My Mobile service allows users to manage and control their missing device remotely using the Find My Mobile website.

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Remote controls must be enabled to utilize the Find My Mobile service, however location must be enabled for the device to be remotely located. And I must also tell you that network connection (Cellular and/or WiFi) is required in order to enable and disable Anti-Theft Protection on the device.

Learn to Enable Find My Mobile on Galaxy S8:

  • First of all, search in Settings for Find My Mobile;
  • Enter the Samsung account password;
  • You must immediately tap Confirm (located in the lower-right);
  • From the Introduction to remote controls screen, tap OK (located at the bottom);
  • Now, feel free to enable remote controls and Google location service for more accurate GPS information.

Therefore, if you ever happen in the unfortunate situation of not finding your Galaxy S8, go to findmymobile.samsung.com and enter your credentials on the left hand side. From here, you have the chance to locate your phone based on its last cellular tower, you can even ring it, which makes it easier to find if it’s near you. Even more, if you choose the “Ring my device” option, you can also set-up a note that flashes across the screen and the great thing is that this tells whoever may have it at that point.

If you like, you can even check the call logs to see if your phone is being used. And if you truly have no chance to ever get it back, you can wipe the device and at least rest assured that you data is safe.

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