Re-follow your Facebook Friends on Android

In the past, the content that appears in Facebook users’ news feeds has been selected automatically. This was the result of a combination of who they interact with and the other content they like, read and comment on. Within “News Feed Preferences”, we can now select which friends and pages we would like to see at the top of their news feed, to ensure we don’t miss any important posts.

However, do you have a Facebook friend who constantly asks you out?

Or one who goes on and on about a failed relationship or the bad day at work? I think that most of my close friends don’t post anything at all, but dozens of others I talk to only occasionally post all the time. And I am pretty much sick and tired of one of my friends endlessly posting pictures of his fabulous holidays.

You have such a friend too, right? And this can get on your nerves sooner or later.

Unfollowing was sweet

You know that there is a way to silence those friends. A long time ago Facebook has added an option that allows users to unfollow their most annoying friends from within their mobile app. Like that, no posts from these people appear in your news feeds. Have you used this feature too?

Then, you know the pleasure coming along with it. Well, the person you removed from your News Feed isn’t notified, and you don’t delete them as a friend outright. But you do have more room for more interesting friends to enter your news feed.

Re-follow your Facebook Friends

You might have noticed (or not) that Facebook keeps track of when you unfollow people, and gives you the opportunity to invite them back into your feed. Maybe you miss those posts or maybe your friend had a change of heart and things are different now.

The point is that you decided before to unfollow people to hide their posts, but now you can easily reverse that. In News Feed Preferences you can see a list of people you’ve unfollowed, and choose to re-follow them at any time.

I’ve done that I don’t regret it! What about you? What annoys you most about the content you’re seeing on Facebook? Will you start following some of your friends to see if things are any better or out of pure curiosity?

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