Enjoy Extra Camera Modes on Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung’s Galaxy S6 is equipped with one of the finest cameras found in the smartphones from the current market. We are saying that as long as we’ve tried it and we know that it has the ability to shoot excellent videos and to take top quality images, but you should also take in consideration that Samsung has cut down some features in the camera app.

It is true that this decision is a helpful for those a less complicated experience with no long lists of useless features, but we must also admit that we miss some of the features that were previously integrated. The best part is that you can change things as long as with its Galaxy S6, Samsung has also made it possible to download extra camera modes within the camera app.

So, the standard capturing modes such as Auto or Panorama aren’t the only tricks your smartphone has to offer, but you can enjoy many other features. And if you are worried, let us assure you of the fact that all the current modes available from Samsung are available for free.

What can you do in order to enjoy them? Let us show you, but not before reminding you that you’re going to need to have a Samsung Account to get to the new camera modes.

How to Enjoy Extra Camera Modes on Galaxy S6:

  1. Launch the camera app on your Galaxy S6 phone;
  2. After that, simply tap on the Mode button;
  3. All the icons for the currently installed modes will be immediately displayed. This is where you have to go when you want to bounce between shooting modes, but for the moment, simply find the download icon;
  4. It’s time to tap on it to launch Samsung’s storefront;
  5. There you’ll be greeted with a list of available additional modes;
  6. It is up to you to scroll through, select one, read its description and any reviews left by users and then download the specific mode in case of needing it;
  7. For the moment, there are no less than eight additional modes available from Samsung and here we have more details about every single one of them too:
  • Surround shot: we are talking about Samsung’s version of Google’s Photo Sphere;
  • Food shot: this mode “emphasizes the vivid colors of food”;
  • Sports shot: this one helps you when it comes to taking pictures of fast-moving subjects;
  • Sound & shot: this mode adds in a few seconds of background sound at the time you took the picture;
  • Beauty face: is ideal when it comes to digitally adds makeup;
  • Animated gif: the mode that we have here takes a series of pictures and stitches them together for animation purposes;
  • Rear-cam selfie: Helps the rear camera identify faces and autofocus for the perfect selfie;
  • Dual camera: uses the front and rear cameras at the same for that popular front-back effect.

If you want to uninstall one of the new modes, you can always do that through the listing in Samsung’s store, too.

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