Grab Digital Wellbeing on your Nokia 7 Plus

At Google I/O 2018, Google announced Digital Wellbeing. Presented as a new approach to OS and app development that’ll equip users with tools to help them find a better balance between digital and real world, this isn’t actually a surprise. Apple is also integrating similar features into its iOS 12 update, and social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram are also working on adding new sections to their apps that transparently show how much time we all spend using them.

We get the trend, we accept it and want to follow it, so I am glad that Digital Wellbeing which was exclusive to Google Pixel smartphones is now reaching to other handsets too. We recently learned that it would come to Android One devices. Now, HMD Global’s Chief Product Officer of Nokia products, Juho Sarvikas, has announced that Digital Wellbeing is available for the Nokia 7 Plus handset too.

Just download the Digital Wellbeing application from the Google Play Store on your Nokia 7 Plus and it should start working immediately. You will get a section in the Settings that gives users a ton of information about how they use their phone. You can see how much time you spend on apps, how long the screen is on, how many times you unlock the phone, and much more than that.

Digital Wellbeing actually brings a dashboard to observe your app usage, an app timer to limit how long you spend mindlessly scrolling or swiping or watching, and a wind-down mode that turns your display grayscale at night to help you disconnect and get ready for sleep, so this is more than a simple feature, but a complete lifestyle change.

It’s identifying and accepting the problem that mobile technology can do to us and takes action to let us know that we are focusing our attention in ways that can be unhealthy.

Need any help? That’s why I am here for in the first place! And remember that 2018 is the year of technology self-reflection, so this isn’t the only option for you out there!

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