How to Port Galaxy S6 S-Health App to your Galaxy S5 or Note 4

How things changed these days! Android based smartphones and wearables take care of our health and fitness needs; smartwatches and fitness trackers measure our heart rates and track our sleep patterns and then the smartphones are back on the scene, carefully analyzing the data collected by wearables. To be honest, we like it and we are used to get more and more from today’s leading companies.

Let’s take Samsung’s example. The Korean manufacture has been doing this with the S-Health app since it was initially introduced back on its Galaxy S4 smartphone and now it offers us even more intuitive and useful features. So, S Health app from its latest Galaxy S6 is even better than what the predecessors had to offer.

First of all, let us tell you that there are major visual changes, so the interface looks more like a stock Android design. S Health comes with multiple pages of different categories like for health recommendations and you have the possibility to scroll down the page you will find little boxes for different health related functions such as measuring your heart rate and measuring your calories. The new S Health also comes with an interesting box where users can manually add in how many servings of daily caffeine intake they’ve had, along with daily water consumption.

So, S Health is even better as it can easily track various things related to our health, not to mention the fact that it visualizes everything right on the screen. Do you want to enjoy all these as well? Could it be possible even if you don’t currently own a Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone? Let us tell you that yes, it is possible, but only if the handset that you use Galaxy S5 or Note 4.

How to Port Galaxy S6 S Health App to your Galaxy S5 or Note 4:

  1. For the begging, you have to download the Galaxy S6 S Health app for Lollipop; use this direct link in order to take it
  2. Back up your current app located in priv-app/S Health;
  3. After that, it’s time to replace it;
  4. Change the name of the new file to SHealth3_5.apk, and set its permissions to rw–r—r;
    At the end, you have to reboot your device.

So, feel free to start tracking your heart rate, your blood oxygen saturation, calories consumed and burned, and many more with the help of this new Galaxy S6 S Health app. We are sure that you are going to love it! Let us know if we are wright!

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