Nokia’s Z Android Launcher App offers Easy Access to Apps

Nokia has just developed a unique Android launcher that gives you the chance to easily access almost any app in your Android device by writing out the first two letters on the homescreen. This is not a joke, but what the new Nokia Z Predictive Android Launcher App Apk can actually do by helping you to access everything you might need in no more than a second.

Nokia’s Z Predictive Android Launcher Advantages

The launcher is very simple to understand and use; to be more precise, it shows up a list of all the applications and contacts and keeps changing according to your location, time of day and who you were last talking. Like that, it finally displays a number of apps and suggestions that you will most likely launch or like to use.

We like the fact that things are constantly changing, as well as the fact that the adaptive homescreen which will keep things refreshed, also reducing the amount of time you might need in order to get each app separately.

And as we have already told you, one of the most important advantages of this third party Android launcher made by the popular Finnish company is that you can launch almost any app by just writing out the letters on your homescreen. And don’t forget that this works for the apps on your phone and if you want to search for something online as well.

The Z launcher will offer us even more surprises, or at least this is what the Head Designer Brook Eaton has revealed. For the moment, we only know that Nokia is actually intending to integrate smarter features like the phone going to silent mode when it connects to your office Wi-Fi, but this might take a while.

Where can you find Nokia’s Z Predictive Android Launcher?

The launcher is available in the form of an APK that you’ll get to after visiting the official link that we have here and signing up through your Google Plus account. After doing so, you’ll have the chance to download the APK directly and ensure you have allowed installation from unknown sources for your phone.

As for its availability, Nokia’s Z launcher is only compatible with a limited number of smartphones: Galaxy S4, S5 and the Nexus 4 and 5, to be more precise, but we’ll keep an eye on things and let you now as soon as something new appears. Just don’t forget to check on us later!