Android L Keyboard Released on Play Store; Download it for free

We have already talked about some Android L goodies, including Google’s all new Material redesigned keyboard. In case of being eager to flash the experimental release, the apk extracted from the Android L system dump is made available on XDA and is waiting for you, but what do you say about the fact that an unofficial port of the Android L keyboard has been released on Play Store? Is this idea a tempting one as well?

The Android L Keyboard APK

We have all seen that the Android L Keyboard APK is nothing else than a zip file, so it requires to have a custom recovery installed on your handset if you want to  flash the zip and install the Android L Keyboard. This might not be a problem for many of you, but why not taking advantage of a much easier method?

No Root; No Custom Recovery

This unofficial port of the Android L keyboard that we have told you about as being available on Play Store does not require any root or custom recovery; in fact, the Android L Keyboard will work with no issues on all Android devices running on Android 4.0 or any other higher version.

And in order to make things even easier than they already are, the developer Shen Ye has mentioned on the Play Store listing that he’ll even try to set the new “Material design” as default theme of the keyboard in future releases.

Until this will happen, you can take action and experience the Android L keyboard much sooner. We can assure you that the installation procedure remains as simple as possible and if you want to enjoy the new Material design, you have to enable it by yourself from the keyboard’s settings by following the given steps.

How to Android L Keyboard (Play Store version):

  1. Start by going to Settings;
  2. Click on Keyboard (it is called Language & Input on certain Android devices);
  3. Then, you must turn on the Android L Keyboard;
  4. Scroll down to Advanced settings;
  5. Change Color Scheme to “Material”;
  6. That was all that you had to do! Enjoy!

We have tried it and the procedure works – that is something that you can be sure of, just as we are sure a lot more people are eager to install the Android L Keyboard from the Play Store as soon as possible.

So, what are you expecting? Download the Android L Keyboard by directly using this Play Store link and contact us if you have any other question.