Download Android L Bootanimation, Notifications, UI, Alarm Sounds and Ringtones

We have all heard that Google is making some important changes to Android for its new “L” version and the best part is that interested developers already have the chance to take an early look at these changes that we are talking about. If you want to try the new Android L version out as well, we have the preview running on Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 (2013 version), but don’t worry!

Android L Goodies from XDA member ivan123

Android L is also indeed available for the owners of other handsets who have the chance to download the most recent Android L Bootanimation, Notifications, UI, Alarm Sounds and Ringtones as we are speaking. Are you also one of those Android users who are not afraid to try something new? Then, you are most likely probably eager to get your hands on some of the most recent goodies from the upcoming version of Android right away.

In order to make installation easier for rooted users, XDA member ivan123 has packed the fonts, keyboard, ringtones and several other  notification sounds as well as the boot animation into a flashable ZIP which can be flashed via recovery just as you have done it before with any other ZIP file.

More details can be found on this XDA thread and if there’s anything that you don’t understand, just ask for out help,

Is the Installation Operation a difficult one?

Moreover, you can also decide to choose uisng the links provided in our article, by downloading one element or more, just as you want.

The Sounds and the Bootanimation can be found in .zip file formats, so that is how you are going to download them on your Android device or PC. All you have to do is to simply extract the content to the Media folder from your internal sdcard, in the appropriate folders of alarms, notifications, ringtones and UI.

So if you have been worried that the installation operation is difficult, you have been wrong. The process is as easy as we have presented you, so that’s your chance to take advantage of the new Android L!

Download Alarms from here;
Download Notifications from here;
Download Ringtones from here;
Download UI from here;
Download Bootanimation from here.