First Update for LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live

The new Android Wear platform has just arrived, so we did not expect an update so soon. In any case, this is exactly what happened and it seems that a new update is currently started pushing out to the two Android Wear devices that we are enjoying at the moment: LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live.

You’ll receive the update after becoming the owner of one of these devices

It is true that only testers and around 6,000 Google IO attendees have one of these  Android Wear handsets in their hands, but don’t worry; even if you plan buying LG’s G Watch or Samsung’s Gear Live a little later, we can assure you that you’ll also receive the update immediately after becoming the owner of the handset.

As for those of you who did not received the upgrade notification so far, you can simply tap the screen and scroll down to Settings > About > System updates. So, Android Wear practically requires the same method as the usual Android version.

What should we expect to receive from this Android Wear update?

This update that we have told you about brings forth Android Wear software version KMV78V, but it doesn’t come with any change log or announcement.

And as long as we cannot find any noticeable changes either, we can only imagine that we are just talking about a simple Android maintenance update that comes with some bug fixes and possibly performance improvements.

Are we misinterpreting the info that we have for the moment? Correct us if we are wrong and let us know if there are any new major changes in this latest Android Wear software version.