Moto Hint and Power Pack Micro: Accessories for The New Moto X

A few hours ago Motorola has just introduced the new Moto X, but the device doesn’t come alone. It seems that the company has also has unveiled a pair of accessories, the Motorola Hint and the Motorola Power Pack Micro being just two of them. Moto Hint won’t be available until the fall, but things are different when it comes to Power Pack Micro which can be purchased as we are speaking for no more than $39.99. Here we have more information about what each accessory has to offer.

Motorola Power Pack Micro

This Motorola Power Pack Micro device gives you the possibility to charge your new Moto X phone on the fly, using the 1500mAh battery inside the accessory. Thanks to the built-in speaker, the Power Pack Micro can also serve as a phone finder, not to mention that it works with any Bluetooth enabled device running Android 4.3 or higher with the Motorola Connect app installed.

So, you can use it even if you are not planning to buy the company’s new Moto X handset.

Motorola Hint

When it comes to the Motorola Hint small Bluetooth earpiece, this one seems to be especially designed to match the look of your Moto X. This special accessory uses Moto Voice to give you directions, so it is simply perfect if you need to use your Moto X while driving.

And don’t forget that it is more than any other typical Bluetooth earpiece as long as it works on any Bluetooth enabled device, but only to make calls and contact Google Now or Siri. If you want to use instead all its features, then the new Moto X is indeed the one that we truly recommend.

As for its availability, as we have told you, Moto Hint won’t be available until the fall, priced at $149.99.

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