Android L Developer Preview Ported to HTC One (M7)

We are closer and closer to the eventual release of Android L, but we know what you might be feeling. If waiting is not your thing, then sitting around and looking for Google to release the source code and system images might be a real torture. We can only be thankful that XDA members love porting, so here we are to tell you that Android L Developer Preview has been ported to HTC One (M7) phone as well.

Have you ever imagined receiving a HTC One (M7) port?

The Android L port for the Google Nexus 4 was somehow expected and came shortly after Google released the developer preview images for the two Nexus 5 and Nexus 7-2013 models. To be honest, we have never imagined hearing about a HTC One (M7) port, but things are once again surprising.

The XDA Senior Member ssrij and a team of developers have successfully managed to port the Android L Developer Preview to this device, giving us the unique chance to enjoy Android L much sooner than expected.

The HTC One (M7) port is still in the Alpha Stages

Anyway, we want to tell you from the start that this port is still in the alpha stages, so you’ll most likely find a few minor issues and even some items that don’t work at all. From what we know at this point, the list of key functions not currently working properly on HTC One (M7) include WiFi, Bluetooth, camera, sound, as well as data.

This is a pretty long list – some might say – and we agree with you, but if you don’t like waiting, this is your chance to give it a try. Just imagine Android L in your is HTC flagship that has a 4.7-inch 1080p display and gets the power from a Snapdragon 600 processor coupled with and 2GB of RAM, being one of the best Android powered smartphones of its time.

Those of you who are interested should follow this link. Enjoy!