AMOLED Panels: Pricing Estimation Within Two Years

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Do you know that improvements in production yields of AMOLED mobile phone panels are closing the manufacturing cost gap between AMOLED and TFT LCD displays? This is what the NPD DisplaySearch OLED Technology Report has revealed, also offering a pricing estimation for AMOLED Panels within two years. What do you think that it will happen with them?

As you know, current manufacturing prices of AMOLED are 10-20% higher than the prices of LCD screens. For example, the cost of a 5-inch 1080 x 1920-pixel AMOLED panel is around 16% higher than the price of an LCD panel of the same size and resolution. But things are about to change and in our favor, be sure of that!

AMOLED panels will become Much Cheaper

Within two years, the prices are expected to change and AMOLED panels will become much cheaper in the near future, despite of the fact that AMOLED has become a high-end product, due to its high color gamut, good contrast and surprising slimness.

DisplaySearch’s Jimmy Kim has been clear about the fact that “Until recently there have been few breakthroughs in the production of AMOLED displays, and the OLED industry seemed to be facing hard times”, so “If AMOLED costs fall below LCDs, as expected, it would lead to more opportunities for the OLED display industry, greater competition with LCD, and more choices for consumers.” Is not this all that we want?

The analysts also shows that Samsung has made great efforts with its Quad HD (1440 x 2560-pixel) screen, improving color accuracy and brightness, not to mention that AMOLED production has started in China (in addition to Korea as well).

And people have reacted great to this change, so just imagine what the advantages of a better price would be! In any case, we’ll keep you updated and see how things will change.

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